Welcome to our world of  PERFORMANCE IGNITION.

The ignition system is a part of the engine that so many ignore, or just do not understand,  thinking there original distributor is going to cope with the hundreds of pounds they have spent on it, its as important as putting petrol in the tank, as any good engine tuner will tell you, its important that timing & rate of advance through the rev range is right.

So why is it important for accurate spark timing? Or spark advance as it is often reffered to, so called, because the spark needs to keep up with the rising engine revs,

Spark timing is just that, the delivery of the spark at presicely the right time inside the combustion chamber, get this wrong and its not going to work, those expensive pistons are going to end up being even more expensive to replace.

That’s just the first part of what the distributor does, now we have to keep the spark there at the right time, all the way throurgh the rev range, this is achieved with mechanical centrifugal advance and in standard tune, vacuum advance, this consists of weights and springs, the right combination of of springs is essential, that’s the art to distributor modification. 

This is referred to as the curve; it gets its name from being shown as a graph, with all the timing points shown as dots, all the dots are then joined, there is the curve.

Now we come to how much advance the engine needs, all engines are different, modified engines don’t need as much advance as standard engines, this is often the reason an engine can be heard pinking throughout the rev range with a standard distributor, the total amount of advance is often much less on modified engines. Hence the importance of a modified distributor, STANDARD ONES WILL NOT DO.  


Will your distributor cope!